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Powerful Features

5G Ready

5G ready and will connect to 5G available networks straight out of the box. When 5G is not available, the BlueSIM 5G dome will switch to 4G/LTE automatically.

Remote Management

All BlueSIM 5G domes connect to our management portal. If there is an issue with your dome, fault finding is quick and simple with our team of in-house engineers.

Up to 8 SIMs

The BlueSIM 5G dome comes with a SIM loader which can store up to 8 different SIM cards from 8 different providers, all from below deck.

GPS Included

GPS is provided with every BlueSIM 5G dome giving you the ability to track your movements and connection status as you sail.

Minimum Cable Length

The router and antennas are located inside the dome to ensure no high coaxial losses at higher 4G-LTE/5G frequencies.

Simple Installation

Each BlueSIM 5G dome comes pre-assembled and tested. Installation and commissioning time is within four hours.

Thirteen Antennas

The BlueSIM 5G dome has 13 x antennas which support all 4G and 5G frequency ranges, 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, plus built-in GPS.

WiFi Interface

With ready-to-connect functionality, the BlueSIM 5G dome can connect to any marina or other external WiFi for troubleshooting.

Range Tests

We have tested the BlueSIM 5G dome up to 70Kms offshore, still on 4G with excellent results. We won’t be beaten on range!

Beautifully Designed

With over 30 years’ experience delivering maritime internet, the team at BlueSIM have designed one of the fastest 4G/5G solutions for the marine industry.

Single cable installation
Remote SIM modules
4 x 2 x 2 MIMO antennas
SpeedFusion bonding
Built in Spain
Shipped globally.
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Why BlueSIM?

After visiting hundreds of 4G installations, Captains and owners were always complaining about the internet on board – we found a common problem with all of these systems.

The Problem

Almost all of the 4G systems our engineers were sent out to repair had been installed incorrectly. This was mainly due to extremely long coaxial runs, high insertion loss and poorly placed antennas. The vessel was therefore left with patchy coverage, poor speeds and terrible range.

Long coaxial cable runs.
Poorly placed antennas.
Wrong coaxial type.
Wrong frequency antennas.
The Solution

We have designed and built one of the best performing 4G/5G solutions for the maritime industry. The BlueSIM 5G dome has almost zero coaxial loss, high gain MIMO antennas located in a small and stylish dome offering amazing speed and fantastic range.

Almost zero coaxial loss.
Long range MIMO antennas.
Housed in a marine radome.
Remote SIM management.

Professional Services

From the moment you decide to work with us, we will look after you from design and delivery to implementation and aftercare.


We have taken the highest performing 5G products and developed these into our BlueSIM 5G dome system. All of our systems are built and tested at our office in Spain where we have a state of the art workshop, test equipment and specialist tooling.

Coaxial Cable Length

All coaxial cable installed in the BlueSIM dome has less than 1dB insertion loss, even up to 6GHz. Installing the antennas close to the modem gives you maximum antenna performance and range.

Antenna Placement

Correct antenna placement is crucial. The antennas installed inside the BlueSIM dome have been carefully selected after thousands of hours of testing. We have range tested these antennas up to 70Kms offshore.


We believe that the Pepwave range of hardware is the highest specification available with regards to performance and functionality. We have fully integrated this into our BlueSIM dome solutions.

4G / 5G Dome Solution

We provide you with a ready-assembled BlueSIM dome consisting of the very best products available in the market, giving you instant access to the most complete and perfect connection.

"Currently we are running 3 VLANs on it and am impressed with the quality of service, the reliability and the speeds."

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